Alfs Bike fitting Service

We all love riding our bikes but experiencing niggles caused by incorrect posture on the bike can massively affect the overall experience of our riding.

Being in the correct position is absolutely fundamental to riding road bikes – and that’s exactly why we offer a professional bike fitting service, right here in our store in Gresford.

All of our bike fitters are fully trained in the Giant Powerfit fitting techniques. We have adapted the knowledge gained through this training to offer levels of fit designed to complement specific rider types. This means we can offer more than subjective data based on the fitting technician’s opinion, experience and knowledge. We can base it on the science behind the PowerFit process.

Levels of fit
Alfs Basic Fit £36.00 (30-45mins ) – Bookings taken Tues – Fri 
Alfs Sport fit  £70 (1hr – 1hr 30mins) – Bookings taken Mondays only
Alfs Premium fit £125 (2 hrs) – Bookings taken Mondays only


Basic Fit (£36 – lasts approx 30-45 mins – bookings taken Tues – Fri)

This is our entry level fit. Designed around the rider who just wants the peace of mind that they are at least sitting in the correct position. We will use a simple flexibility test to set your saddle height correctly, then use laser alignment to position your saddle forwards and backwards to ensure you are sitting in the correct position. This service will normally take around 30 minutes. Our basic fit makes sure the key contact points are set out correctly to allow you to get the most out of your riding. This is perfect for those starting out after purchasing a new bike. The fit will include the following:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore and aft
  • Handlebar height
  • Stem length

Sport Fit (£70 – lasts approx 1hr – 1hr 30mins – Bookings taken Monday ONLY)

This is the second fit in our range and the most popular, and is a great entry into performance bike fitting. We will start with a rider assessment to understand you as a rider, to make the fit truly personal. We set you in the correct pedalling position based on flexibility. We will also assess handle bar position based on style of riding and posture. Then will also ensure the cleats in your shoes are set in a neutral position to correctly position your foot in the float of your pedal. Your saddle angle will be adjusted based on the drop from saddle to handlebar. This service is popular because it encompasses all of the main contact points upon the bike, more experienced riders find it particularly useful as it usually irons out any niggles they may have identified. This service includes :

  • Rider Assessment
  • Saddle height and type
  • Saddle fore and aft
  • Handlebar height and width
  • Stem length
  • Shifter hood position
  • Foot tracking assessment
  • Cleat position
  • New personalised pre/post fit report

Premium Fit (£125 – approx 2 hrs 0- Bookings taken Mon ONLY)

Alf’s premium fit uses a range of modern technology to get you in the most efficient position on your bike. Our expert fitter will use power and video capture to perform a detailed assessment of you as a rider before looking at all aspects of your bike set-up. A detailed report on your fit will be produced containing all elements of the data collected, this fit includes:

  • Rider Assessment
  • Saddle height and type
  • Saddle fore and aft
  • Handlebar height and width
  • Stem length
  • Shifter hood position
  • Foot tracking assessment
  • Pedal stroke assessment
  • Cleat postion
  • Insole recommendation/fitting
  • New personalised pre/post fit report
  • video capture report

BOLT-ONS: any of the below can be added to a bike fit if not already included or can be booked as individual services:

Saddle fitting (£2 – approx 30 mins – Bookings taken Mon – Fri)

We use a heat-trace saddle fitting service to get you the most appropriate saddle possible. Once we have an impression of how you sit on the saddle we can offer a demo saddle to use for a couple of rides, to make absolutely sure you buy the correct saddle for you. There is a £10 charge for trying a saddle which we will refund to you if you buy a saddle. We stock saddles from Giant, Liv, Fizik, Selle Italia and Fabric.

Shoe/Insole/Cleat fitting (£20 – approx 30 mins – Bookings taken Mon – Fri)

This session will look at your current shoe/cleat position/foot tracking and make any changes necessary to make your foot position more accurate, stable and comfortable. Will also include a foot shape analysis and insole recommendation where required. Can include improved footwear/pedal combination suggestions from our range.

Watt Bike Ramp/FTP Test (£50 –  approx 40mins – 1hr – Bookings taken Mondays only)

The Ramp Test is a great way to establish  Maximal Minute Power, Peak Power Output, Threshold Powers. The test is as relevant to those who train without power as those who do, and can provide great insight into performance increases over time. Each one to one test session starts with a review of previous training, rider phenotype, athlete strengths, weaknesses and goals. Post session, the athlete will receive a test report, detailing and analysing their power profile and power zones for further training.

Women’s Bike Fits (Basic and Sport level fits plus saddle and shoe/insole/cleat fitting – Bookings taken Mon – Fri only)

A large proportion of our customers are female. We have female bike fitting experts for women who would feel more comfortable with a female performing their bike fit. If you would prefer this option please mention at the point of booking so that we can accommodate your request.

Useful Information

You will need to book a day and time slot in our bike fit diary. You can call us on 01978 854300 or email to book a fit.

Whilst our fit levels are aimed at comfort and efficiency on the bike, they are by no means a medical assessment. We will endeavour to make you comfortable on your bike, but specific ailments and injuries should always be addressed by a doctor.

Come dressed as if you are going for a ride. Wearing your kit is important as it fully replicates how you would feel on your bike normally. We can also ascertain whether some changes to your kit could make your position more comfortable.



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