Giant Powerfit Training

Last Tuesday we headed down to Leicester to visit Giant’s impressive UK HQ to learn the ins and outs of their Powerfit bike fitting system.

After an early start and a fairly long journey we were greeted on our arrival by Dave Ward and the offer of some breakfast.

A quick breakfast bar and a brew later we were taken into the large workshop for a couple of hours of tutorial in basic biomechanics and how an incorrect position can adversely effect pedalling efficiency.

We set up the Wattbike in the position the rider would normally ride in and acquired data in 4 different powerzones. This allowed us to identify deadspots in the pedal stroke on a Polar view power map (below)

David (our willing guinea pig) rode his saddle quite high but wasn’t particularly flexible due to past sports injuries. We lowered his saddle, effectively raised his handle bar and shifted him slightly forward over the bottom bracket.

The same data acquisition test provided consistency which then resulted in us being able to asses David’s power curve and showed that his average power was higher, his pedal stoke was more efficient and his left right balance was improved, all with a relatively small change in position.

The fundamental idea behind the Powerfit system is a power driven fit system with a tangible result which the customer can easily translate. It very much highlights the importance of position on your road bike and the positive or negative effect it can have on performance and more importantly the experience we all have of riding our bikes.

We have a Wattbike system in the shop  and will be offering a Powerfit service to customers very soon.

Watch this space!


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