Proud to announce we are now a Whyte Bikes stockist!

We are very excited to announce that we have a new bike brand in store…….
We are now a Whyte Bike Stockist, this UK designed brand is at the forefront of the bike industry pushing boundaries in geometry and UK-centric design in all bike categories.

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“Freedom. That’s why we ride. The freedom to push your limits, hit the perfect line and make a can’t a can. The freedom that comes from gulping down cold, clear air at the top of a climb after dumping a day’s frustration through your cranks. The freedom to get where you want the way you want, through the park or down the towpath not waiting for the train or drowning in stationary traffic. The freedom to take the unmarked track you always ride past just to see where it goes. The freedom to get fitter, while exploring your world and exploring the amazing things you can do if you’ve got the right tools. However you ride, it’s how we free ourselves from the rest of the world and leave our worries far behind.


It’s why Whyte exists too. We started 18 years ago with just one bike, but that one bike was loaded with more radical innovation than the entire ranges of most manufacturers. We created a massive impact, we reset some benchmarks, we learned some lessons. The biggest one was that if you have the best bike designers working with total freedom you can create something amazing. It started a string of perfect review scores that’s stronger than ever today with our T-130RS storming to an undisputed Trail bike of the year award and the T-130C T-129 and 900 series bikes also earning perfect scores from the MTB media”



We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, get in touch!

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