Reformed rock climber Jack took the plunge and bought a mountain bike when it looked like his colleagues were having far too much fun, his first cold and wet winter riding through the mud around Delamere did nothing to dent his enthusiasm and his passion for cycling grew. Mainly focused on mountain biking he twinned his love of travel and exploration with cycling and did a couple of bike packing trips up and down the country and spent a week touring the Outer Hebrides off the West coast of Scotland. The next logical step was a 12 month cycle tour around the world! In August of 2015 he took a year out of the shop and set off with his Surly Troll built and loaded up. 22 countries and 370 days later he returned to start his second stint in the shop.

Current Bikes: Surly Troll, Salsa Mukluk fatbike, Cannondale Synapse

Favourite Bike: Surly Troll, the apocalypse bike as someone once put it, when we are down to our last few bike parts you will be able to fit them to this frame!

Favourite Terrain: Any gravel track, remote road or trail that takes me away to somewhere with a nice camping spot!

Favourite Road/Trail/Area ridden: Turkey. Incredible roads, generous and friendly people and some stunning scenery, fantastic country to explore by bicycle.

Couldn’t live without?: A Rohloff and a set of panniers!


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