Lapierre Overvolt E bike demo

Last Wednesday Graham from Hotlines UK brought us some Lapierre Overvolt e bikes to try out

As a fast growing part of the UK cycling market E bikes are becoming more and more popular,With the ability to assist riders to the top of steep climbs without compromising on downhill suspension performance.

I have to say, I’ve long been sceptical about e bikes, often wondering why people would want the assistance – surely the idea is that we ride for exercise and challenge?

Pedalling out of the car park onto the first part of the trail at llandegla it was clear how effective the Bosch motor was, with the correct cadence and gear selection the bike almost rode itself. The pace when riding past people on ‘normal’ mountain bikes almost made me want to apologise to them but nearing the top of the first climb I found myself smiling more and more. After leaving the forest for more natural terrain, the feeling of riding up + 20% off road inclines at 12mph with no effort was fantastic. What occurred to me was, maybe people with an injury or people advancing in years who perhaps didn’t have the capability to ride up these hills would have the access to this kind of riding thanks to the E bike, the e bike revolution will undoubtedly put more people on bikes.

The bike itself was a Lapierre Overvolt FS700, essentially a Zesty with a 250watt motor. My scepticism was soon dismissed, although heavy (the motor accounts for this on the climbs) the bike felt surprisingly normal to descend on with the same sure footed handling which has made the Zesty a UK favourite.

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised by riding the Overvolt – Take your snobbery, pre conception and scepticism out of the equation and ride an E bike, they’re so much fun

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