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FRONT LIGHT:The Fusion Drive 500+ is a feature-packed visibility solution. With its impressive 500-lumen output and a maximum runtime of 35 hours, this light ensures exceptional visibility and reliability.This light offers six output modes, including highly disruptive Daytime Flash ensuring maximum visibility during daylight hours, and the intelligent Power Indicator displays battery runtime. The CNC-machined aluminium construction with cooling fins guarantees durability and efficient heat dissipation, the fresh optical design enhances light dispersion, and the optional GoPro mount allows for versatile mounting options. With waterproof USB-C charging(cable not included), compatibility with the Infinite Light Power Pack+, and rigorous IPX7 waterproofing testing, this light is ready to accompany you on any adventure.REAR LIGHT:The KTV Drive Pro+ Rear is a compact, aero seatpost-compatible rear bike light providing up to 150 lumens and six output modes. It offers up to 20 hours of max runtime and a highly disruptive Daytime Flash mode.The light utilizes our Wide-Angle Optics lens design to provide 270° of visibility, durable, rigorously tested to IPX7 Waterproofing standards, and an integrated USB stick allows convenient cable-free recharging.Note: These lights are not being distributed within the German market.

Colours Black, Red, Silver
Sizes /FRONT, /REAR, 1000/FRONT, 115, 1200, 1200/FRONT, 1400, 1400/FRONT, 1800/FRONT, 200/REAR, 2000, 2400/FRONT, 250, 250/FRONT, 300/FRONT, 340MM(WITH USB-A & USB-C PLUGS) X 15MM X 7.8 MM, 400/REAR, 500, 500/FRONT, 600, 600/FRONT, 800, 800/FRONT, CAGE, KIT, MACRO EASY, ONE, ONE SIZE, PAIR, PLUG, POCKET, PRESTA, PUMP, REAR/REAR, SADDLE, SMART, UNIVERSAL
Brand Lezyne
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 4710582540004, 4710582542527, 4710582544040, 4710582547904, 4710582547911, 4710582547928, 4710582547966, 4710582547973, 4710582547980, 4710582548277, 4710582548284, 4710582548321, 4710582548413, 4710582548741, 4710582548758, 4710582549069, 4710582549274, 4710582551123, 4710582551130, 4710582551475, 4710582551499, 4710582551505, 4710582551529, 4710582551543, 4710582551550, 4710582551567, 4710582551574, 4710582551581, 4710582551598, 4710582551604, 4710582551611, 4710582551628, 4710582551635, 4710582551642, 4710582551802, 4710582551970, 4710582551987, 4710582551994, 4710582552007, 4710582552021, 4710582552069, 4710582552120, 4710582552137, 4710582552144, 4710582552175, 4710582552199, 4710582552519, 4710582552960, 4712806003128, 4712806003234, 4712806003579, 4712806003586
SKUs / Part Numbers L-1-AT-BKTAG-V104, L-1-AT-MTAIR-V104, L-1-AT-SDTAG-V104, L-1-BS-CNCTH-V104, L-1-BS-STPDH-V106, L-1-FP-DTFDR-V104, L-1-GPS-MACROES-V104, L-1-LED-12P-V704, L-1-LED-12R-V504, L-1-LED-12RPRO-V504, L-1-LED-16-V337, L-1-LED-16H-V337, L-1-LED-16P-V737, L-1-LED-19-V204, L-1-LED-19P-V204, L-1-LED-19P-V304, L-1-LED-2-V637, L-1-LED-21R-V404, L-1-LED-22R-V404, L-1-LED-24P-V604, L-1-LED-25F-V337, L-1-LED-2P-V1437, L-1-LED-2P-V1537, L-1-LED-2P-V1637, L-1-LED-31F-BOX-V104, L-1-LED-31R-BOX-V104, L-1-LED-31R-STVZO-V111, L-1-LED-37R-V204, L-1-LED-38-V137, L-1-LED-38P-V137, L-1-LED-39-V137, L-1-LED-4-V737, L-1-LED-4P-V1737, L-1-LED-6-V804, L-1-LED-7-V404, L-1-LED-8F-V404, L-1-LED-8P-V404, L-1-LED-8R-MAX-V204, L-1-LED-8R-V304, L-1-LED-EMGHB-V138G, L-1-LED-EOBSST-V138G, L-1-LED-EPWRSTP-V204SA, L-1-LED-PWRPK-V204, L-1-LED-RP-EMTCNT-V104, L-1-LED-USB-V304, L-1-MP-PKDRHVP-V104, L-1-MP-PKDRPRO-V117, L-1-PH-GRIPMT-V104, L-1-PK-PTBLSPO-V104, L-1-PK-TBLSPO-V104, L-1-PK-TBLSPOL-V104, L-1-RP-HOSE-V4DUAL

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