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Lezyne - Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear

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Introducing the Lezyne - Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear, an advanced LED rear light with innovative features. Developed by Lezyne, a renowned brand, this light is designed to enhance visibility and safety for cyclists on the roads.Equipped with our custom programmed ""Alert"" technology, this rear light stands out from the rest. Its Wide Angle Optics lens provides an impressive 270° of visibility, ensuring that you can be seen from all directions. The highlight of this light is its automatic braking sensor. When you decelerate, the light will turn solid like a brake light, and once stopped, it will flash in a distinct pattern to alert riders or vehicles behind you. Once you resume riding, the light will switch back to its previous output mode.In addition to its unique features, the Lezyne - Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear also offers a compact and co-moulded construction. This design makes it highly water resistant, ensuring that it can withstand different weather conditions. With five LEDs, this light can produce an impressive output of up to 300 lumens. It offers 11 output modes, including a Daytime Flash mode, making it suitable for any time of day or night.The Lezyne - Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear is easy to install, thanks to its versatile mounting system. It can be attached to aero or round seatposts, providing flexibility and convenience. This rear light is also micro-USB rechargeable, making it a cost-effective option.Whether you ride during the day or at night, the Lezyne - Strip Pro Alert Drive Rear is the ultimate choice for enhanced visibility and safety. Its advanced features, superior construction, and impressive output make it a must-have for all cyclists.

Brand Lezyne
Model Year 2020
Barcodes 4710582542770
SKUs / Part Numbers L-1-LED-37R-V104

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