High 5 High5 Energy Gel Aqua x15 66g Mixed + Caffeine

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The High5 Energy Gel Aqua Mixed + Caffeine provides you with a variety of flavours to keep your workout sessions refreshing and energetic. The mixed flavours available are Orange, Berry, and Citrus. This pack includes those with caffeine and those without, accommodating different preferences and needs.

High5 Energy Gel Aqua stands out due to its consistency, which is more like a sports drink than a gel, hence you don’t need to drink extra water with it. This ideal composition makes it a perfect choice for beginners venturing into the use of gels. Each sachet is easy to open, easy to swallow, and carries an impressive 23g of carbohydrate energy.

  • Carbohydrate energy: 23g
  • Caffeine: Included in some
  • Consistency: More of a drink than a gel
  • Flavour: Real juice for a light, refreshing taste
  • Suitable for: Vegetarians and vegans
  • Pack includes: 15 x 66g Gels

The High5 Energy Gel Aqua is designed for usage before and during exercise. Do remember to take home your empty gel wrappers after use to keep the environment clean.

If you're unsure whether to opt for an Energy Gel or an Energy Gel Aqua, remember that both essentially serve the same purpose; it simply boils down to personal preference. The Energy Gel Aqua has a lighter consistency, while the Energy Gel is less bulky and lighter in weight, making it easier to carry in larger quantities if required.

Instructions for use: Tear open the top of the sachet and consume the gel directly - no additional water needed. For the best results, consume up to three sachets per hour during exercise, reducing the number if you are also consuming a sports drink. It's important to stay properly hydrated during workouts, so we recommend using this product in conjunction with ZERO for optimal results.

Brand High 5
Model Year 2020
Barcodes 5027492003505
SKUs / Part Numbers 1075557111GBR

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