Finish Line FiberLink Tire Sealant 1 Gallon 38 litres

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1 US GAL / 3.8 LT

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Optimize your cycling experience with the Finish Line FiberLink Tubeless Sealant, designed for the ultimate flat prevention. This revolutionary sealant combines advanced FiberLink Technology with fast-acting natural latex for unmatched tire-self-sealing capabilities.

Exceptional Key Features:

  • FiberLink Technology: Implemented with space-age Kevlar fibers interweaving with fast-acting latex, providing a quick and tough seal over any puncture.
  • Strong Seals: Kevlar fibers pledge incredible puncture resistance, assuring long-lasting, robust seals.
  • Low Viscosity: Optimal even under the most demanding race conditions.
  • Natural Latex: Works swiftly to minimize air leakage and enhance sealing prowess.
  • Easy Set-Up & Low Odour: User-friendly installation coupled with minimal odour to enhance your cycling experience.
  • Maximum Longevity: Assures greater intervals between your sealant refreshes.

Tire Dosage Guide:

  • Road - 2-3oz
  • CX, Gravel, 26, 27.5 - 3-4oz
  • 29 - 4-5oz
  • 29+ - 5-6oz
  • Fat - 7-8oz

The Finish Line FiberLink Tire Sealant is a revolutionary solution for cyclists seeking peak performance in trail or racing conditions. Its self-sealing properties significantly reduce the risk of tire punctures and flats, ensuring an uninterrupted riding experience.

Video demonstrations:

Empower your ride with Finish Line FiberLink Tire Sealant - ultimate protection, peak performance.

Colours White
Sizes 1 US GAL / 3.8 LT
Brand Finish Line
Model Year 2024
Barcodes 036121960084
SKUs / Part Numbers QPFLTS1G01

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