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Our WorldTour short-sleeve race jersey, refined. The next-gen TARGA iteration is more comfortable than ever, combining aerodynamic speed and comfort that makes it virtually disappear when you're in the saddle.We built a WorldTour jersey. Then we upgraded it for committed cyclists who sponsor themselves but demand pro-tier performance. Now we've upgraded it again. The TARGA generation incorporates the aerodynamic detailing of its predecessor with gains in comfort and structural stability. Performance, comfort, quality—the RS S9 TARGA's excellence is something you feel in the saddle.

Colours Black, Dam Blue, Katana Red, Stone Blue, White Series
Sizes Large, Medium, Small, XLarge, XSmall, XXLarge
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 2220000217101, 2220000217118, 2220000217125, 2220000217132, 2220000217149, 2220000217156, 2220000246675, 2220000246682, 2220000246699, 2220000246705, 2220000246712, 2220000246729, 2220000246736, 2220000246743, 2220000246750, 2220000246767, 2220000246774, 2220000246781, 2220000246798, 2220000246804, 2220000246811, 2220000246828, 2220000246835, 2220000246842, 2220000246859, 2220000246866, 2220000246873, 2220000246880, 2220000246897, 2220000246903
SKUs / Part Numbers 11.20.323.10.L, 11.20.323.10.M, 11.20.323.10.S, 11.20.323.10.XL, 11.20.323.10.XLG, 11.20.323.10.XS, 11.20.323.2A.L, 11.20.323.2A.M, 11.20.323.2A.S, 11.20.323.2A.XL, 11.20.323.2A.XLG, 11.20.323.2A.XS, 11.20.323.2E.L, 11.20.323.2E.M, 11.20.323.2E.S, 11.20.323.2E.XL, 11.20.323.2E.XLG, 11.20.323.2E.XS, 11.20.323.4Q.L, 11.20.323.4Q.M, 11.20.323.4Q.S, 11.20.323.4Q.XL, 11.20.323.4Q.XLG, 11.20.323.4Q.XS, 11.20.323.58.L, 11.20.323.58.M, 11.20.323.58.S, 11.20.323.58.XL, 11.20.323.58.XLG, 11.20.323.58.XS

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