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Our most advanced short-sleeve jersey platform to date, showcasing refined body-mapped paneling and newly developed textiles, in a cut appropriate for dedicated training or endurance cycling.

The MILLE GTO is the epitome of self-sponsorship. It may feel restrictive across the shoulders while you’re standing, but it clicks into place when you clip in, eliminating the wrinkling across the chest common with other jerseys. The main body fabric is an all-new textile with ultrasoft hand feel, and reflective stripes add visibility in low-light conditions, befitting a jersey so comfortable it’ll inspire early departures and late returns.

Colours Black Series, Kosimo Granit, Rock Grey, Yubi Blue
Sizes L, Large, M, Medium, S, Small, TIR, XL, XLarge, XLG, XS, XSmall, XXLarge
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 2220000216647, 2220000216661, 2220000216685, 2220000216692, 2220000216715, 2220000216739, 2220000216753, 2220000216777, 2220000216791, 2220000216814, 2220000216838, 2220000216852, 2220000216876, 2220000216890, 2220000245289, 2220000245296, 2220000245302, 2220000245319, 2220000245326, 2220000245333, 2220000245340, 2220000245357, 2220000245364, 2220000245371, 2220000245388, 2220000245395, 2220000245401, 2220000245418
SKUs / Part Numbers 11.20.321.18.L, 11.20.321.18.M, 11.20.321.18.S, 11.20.321.18.TIR, 11.20.321.18.XL, 11.20.321.18.XLG, 11.20.321.18.XS, 11.20.321.1C.L, 11.20.321.1C.M, 11.20.321.1C.S, 11.20.321.1C.TIR, 11.20.321.1C.XL, 11.20.321.1C.XLG, 11.20.321.1C.XS, 11.20.321.1G.L, 11.20.321.1G.M, 11.20.321.1G.S, 11.20.321.1G.TIR, 11.20.321.1G.XL, 11.20.321.1G.XLG, 11.20.321.1G.XS, 11.20.321.2M.L, 11.20.321.2M.M, 11.20.321.2M.S, 11.20.321.2M.TIR, 11.20.321.2M.XL, 11.20.321.2M.XLG, 11.20.321.2M.XS

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