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Fizik Gravita Versor

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A versatile, lightweight lace-up mountain biking shoe that is ideal for those using clip-in pedals when mixing up lift-assisted DH laps with trail riding.Outsole and riding controlTogether with your hands on the handlebar, feet are a crucial point of contact when it comes to bike control. The Gravita outsole provides the type of shoe-to-pedal interface you need for fast and aggressive gravity riding, combining the stickiest Vibram Megagrip rubber compound with a specific zonal lug pattern. A low-profile tapered tread pattern positioned at the mid-foot allows for an immediate connection and optimal mechanical interface with the pedal pins, while under the heel and toes, a deeper, sharper tread provides better ground traction when hiking back up the hill. This clip-in version is stiffer than its flat counterpart for better power transfer through the entire pedal stroke, improving pedalling efficiency. Featuring an extended cleat track, the clip-in version enables you to run your cleats further back to allow for dropped heels on descents to improve both stability and control, just as you would when riding on flat pedals.Ergonomic and durableThe VERSOR pattern cradles the foot, securing the fit with an ergonomic lace-up closure. The upper offers protection from the elements: its hardwearing ripstop woven fabric resisting tearing and ripping. A PU-laminated toecap and side reinforcements add further protection and durability. Intentional engineering went into stripping weight and eliminating the excess material that would otherwise lead to the bulky look and sloppy fit of typical gravity shoes.Specifications:- Ripstop fabric upper- Laces closure- X6 outsole – nylon shank, EVA midsole, Vibram Megagrip tread- Outsole stiffness index 5- Weight: 355 g- Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)Gravita Gravity series, designed to take you down the mountain, fast and in control.Intended use: Downhill, enduro.

Brand Fizik
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 8058364083315, 8058364083322, 8058364083339, 8058364083346, 8058364083353, 8058364083360, 8058364083377, 8058364083384, 8058364083391, 8058364083407, 8058364083421, 8058364083438, 8058364083445, 8058364083452, 8058364083469, 8058364083476, 8058364083483, 8058364083490, 8058364083506, 8058364083513, 8058364083520, 8058364083537, 8058364083544, 8058364083551, 8058364083568, 8058364083575, 8058364083582, 8058364083599, 8058364083605, 8058364083612, 8058364083629, 8058364083636, 8058364083643, 8058364083650, 8058364083667, 8058364083674, 8058364083681, 8058364083698, 8058364083704, 8058364083711, 8058364083728, 8058364083735, 8058364083742, 8058364083759, 8058364083766, 8058364083773, 8058364083780, 8058364083797, 8058364083803, 8058364083810, 8058364083827, 8058364083834, 8058364083841, 8058364083858, 8058364083865, 8058364083872, 8058364083889, 8058364083896, 8058364083902, 8058364083919, 8058364083926, 8058364083933, 8058364083940, 8058364083957, 8058364083964, 8058364083971, 8058364083988, 8058364083995
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